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Edible Massage Oil
  • Edible Massage Oil

    The sensation. Smooth skin from the very first rub. The way it slides, body to body...


    Gaia Grown Wellness Massage Oils are top tier! With the aroma of Sweet Almond Oil and a base of Coconut Oil, our oils give the very best feeling whether you are treating yourself or a partner. A little goes a LONG way and it also supplies the body with constant moistuization so you dont have to continue to apply. 


    We currently have 3 all natural flavors that are infused for weeks to perfection. Unscented, which is fragrance free. The Swirl, is our cocoa and vanilla mixture with a subtle taste of chocolate but smells delicious. Rose Baby, has rosemary and rose together for a beautiful floral scent.

    • Product Info

      100% Natural and Organic Ingredients:

      Coconut Oil

      Sweet Almond Oil

      Apricot Oil

      Vitamin E Oil


      Rose Baby

      Rosemary Herb

      Rose Flower

      The Swirl

      Vanilla Extract

      Cocoa Essense

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