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Hello loves!
I am a holistic wellness enthusiast, who has a passion for natural and DIY remedies. I am also the creator of Gaia Grown Wellness, a natural skincare line. We all want beautiful glowing skin. I struggled with acne as a teen and have always searched for the best product. I saw how chemicalized many store brand face and body products were and did not want to subject my health to these harsh ingredients anymore.

I saw a need and an opportunity to start making my own skincare products at home. After many experiments, sharing body butter samples with friends, and researching products and ingredients, Gaia Grown Wellness was created. I aspire to be a leading skincare company that inspires a healthy and natural mindset. 


Gaia is about giving and appreciating all that this wonderful earth has to offer, a place we all call home. 

Gaia Grown Wellness was created to remind us that nature provides everything we need to live a full and healthy life. All of our products are 100% natural and hand-mixed, so there is no doubt what is going on your skin and into your body. We use local vendors who ensure the finest, organic ingredients. We are blessed to see mama earth’s beauty daily and now it is time to bless our beauty with the power of Gaia.

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